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I died again

Remember the day ten suns exploded in an instant

All goes to white

Return to the past

to a hope doomed to repeat itself


This is a war


A woman's womb is a colony

that feeds mindless machines

They were born

then die as a noble price

In the grand narrative you write

people live like ants

then turn into eyes

Eyes full of rage

You force them to dig out their own flesh

Fill in loyalty, ignorance and hatred

Finally take out the bones

Kneel down


"Fight! Fight!"

The timid shadow is still clamoring non-stop

"The best citizens are hostages"

"The best politics is punishment"

"The best country is a prison"

"Fight! Fight!"

"Give up the soul's longing for freedom"

"Let's fight! Fight!"

"Don't be afraid to die for greatness"



I hope you die

Take all the torture you're proud of and die

The ice sheet has started to melt

The ashes of the suns still burn in my veins

Can you hear it?

The bells of judgment have sounded

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