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When I open my eyes
I see part of the sun being torn to pieces by a beast

falling to the ground
Blood gushing out
My bones can't stop shaking and tingling with ecstasy

"Tear them apart!"
I cannot feel fear
Because I foresee the glow of the moon

The sun goes out where it rises

It falls on the water
All light is drowned
Someone cries
but silent
Night is the time of the beast

Night is the time of their fear

Night is the time of my anger

They are afraid of me
like they are afraid of nature
Timid shadows crowd around each other:

“If lightning flashes
If it rains
If daylight never comes again
If trees no longer bear fruits

They hunt me
in the name of the sun

They create countless suns

in the name of faith

Can't you see they are lying?

The sun is a lie

This is a war
They took away the tears of the moon
as a bullet shooting to my head
They took away the songs from my throat

to imitate mother's voice
They took away the fire I gave birth to

burning me to die

The ashes of the sun still burn in my veins

But it doesn’t hurt anymore
I’m here to conjure you
Flow to me
Like you just melted from the ice sheet

Flow to me

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